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Our commitment is to

Provide excellent service and products

Exceed our client's expectations

Continuously grow and develop our services by understanding and adapting to our client's needs

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Specializing in the Green Mining and Civil Construction Company

PT.PEMBANGUNAN SARANA PERKASA is a company specializing in the Green Mining and Civil Construction Company.

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Sustainable Business Principles

The term "sustainability" and coal mining maybe an odd pairing. But here at PSP, we are committed to operate responsibly, hence our product – coal, can pave the way for renewable energy to flourish and society to sustain their way of live. We believe when coal mining is conducted responsibly, it can provide positive benefits to all stakeholders, more over the electricity it generates for us to live of life and do our daily activities. Find out more about our sustainability pillar


PT. Pembangunan Sarana Perkasa, Surface Mining Contractor and Aggregate Producer in Indonesia.

Company Profile PT.Pembangunan Sarana Perkasa

PT. Pembangunan Sarana Perkasa, Projek JIIPE Gresik Jawa timur

PT. Pembangunan Sarana Perkasa, Projek Nagrek Jawa Barat