Our Combined Experience of our company and its professionals include direct involvement in engineering and operations in the minProject References

Mining :

  • Surface Miner Work, Holcim (Tuban and Narogong)
  • Surface Miner Work, UTSG Tuban
  • Surface Miner Work, Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa (Quarry D and Palimanan / Cirebon)

Civil Construction :
  • Nagreg Road / Vertical Road re-allignment
  • Road Construction, JIIPE (Java Integrated Industrial Port Estate) Manyar Gresik
  • CTB (Cement Treated Base) JIIPE Project
  • Drainage JIIPE Project
  • Kanstein Slipform & Landscape JIIPE Project
  • Holcim Road Project

Program Offered

1. Mining and Quarry
  • Surface miner (digging without blasting)
  • Digging, Loading and hauling services
  • Drilling & Blasting include Down hole services, Total Loading Blasting Services, Bulk Explosives

2. Civil and Construction
  • Cement Treat Base (CTB)
  • Paving
  • Road Milling
  • Drainage
  • Ducting
  • Landscape
  • Road Cuttings
  • Trenches
  • Tunneling

3. Technical Services
  • Mine management
  • Blasting technique (Permit & Licenses, Ground Vibration Monitor , Air Blast, Noise and Regression Analysis,Velocity of Detonation Measurement and Analysis, Drill & Blast Audits).
  • Business Improvement using Six Sigma

4. Green Mining Services
  • Mine rehabilitation
  • Water management (Mine acid water control, Suspended solid control, flood & dry control)
  • Hydrocarbon and waste management
  • Air quality control